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31-Dec-2017 12:16

That evening when I returned home, there sat my wife claiming that she had come down with something and hadn't gone to work today. The lead voice counseled me to hold my tongue but play out the rope.Of course there was no incriminating evidence around the place either. It was then that I first heard the voices of those who lived in my head. Others chimed in, exhorting me to have it out with her here and now. I'm used to them now, but the onset of the very first tried my sanity. At first I couldn't hear anything, but then I heard as well as felt the wheezing sound signifying the calliope was about to play. A neighbor had one of the old fashioned types complete with a steam engine to drive it.

Jill commented about my lack of appetite at dinner, but I attributed it to a little more pressure than I wanted at work.

The half hour would become more like an hour once the cold, dead hand of winter took hold of the city.