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22-Jun-2017 13:35

Exceptional Relics: Common @ 23.33%, Uncommon @ 13.00%, Rare @ 4%.Flawless Relics: Common @ 20.00%, Uncommon @ 17.00%, Rare @ 6%.Create the logical volume: diskutil cs create Volume de305d54-75b4-431b-adb2-eb6b9e546014 "Case-sensitive Journaled HFS " "Fusion Drive" 100% That's it!Now you should have a case sensitive journaled HFS formatted partition covering your entire fusion drive.Due to this exploit fix, Ambulas would not spawn if a Host Migration occurred during the mission, which resulted in frustrations for those that lacked a strong connection.A new plan of action was assembled and the following change has been made to allow Host Migrations to occur but to also fix the original exploit: Perrin Sequence leader, Ergo Glast, has intercepted disturbing communication.Use each of these areas to customize as you see fit!This morning's very early Hotfix 20.4.2 fixed an exploit in the Operation that could occur on Host Migration.

Check the in-game Codex in the 'Relics & Arcanes' section to find the drop locations for the new Relics!

Our goal has always been to give synergy to Oberon’s abilities, while still giving him a way to fill multiple roles in battle. You can now color your Attachments and Syandanas separately!