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03-Sep-2017 12:19

We asked her what she thought of all the Bughead theories going around and what's in store for the star-crossed lovers now that Jughead has joined the Southside Serpents and her answers might scare you. P., but Joaquín went on that bus to San Junipero and he's just going, sadly for Kevin. I think that was for the benefit of my sweet little Kevin.

Keep reading for all the deets on Bughead and for Lili's skincare tips! I think you don't want to see Kevin wrapped up in a Serpent.

Starting now, every Friday I will post a sexy female athlete that is either naked, close to naked, or just plain hot as hell.

Kari here isn’t naked per say but these pictures are very dirty and there for hot.

Even though Joaquín was a good guy, had a good heart.

It's like, you want Kevin to be with someone who can be a bad boy but someone who maybe doesn't get involved in murders. When we were wrapping up the season, we didn't know if we were getting a season two and I think it was maybe a nice way to — if we didn't get a season two — to maybe give a little bit of closure to some people.

2009 State of Connecticut Attorney General's Office, "CT, NC Attorneys General Say My Space Response to Subpoena Reveals 90,000 Registered Sex Offenders with Profiles," gov, Feb.

If you have any suggestions for future Athletes please email us and let us know, thanks!

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