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*********** The Fixers Like super glue an unresolved problem sticks to neurons in the brain and, once there, cling with a determination that can't be broken until a solution is unveiled, or a distraction greater than it, severs the connection, freeing the brain to resume normality, previously hijacked by a frustrating reality.

What strange creatures are we who won't admit defeat until every effort to resolve the issue has failed, and, even then, will roll it over in our brains time and time and time again, then, reluctantly, move on, but still retain the memory of the failure long into the future as if hoping still to find a satisfactory resolution.

We weave a cocoon of dreams around ourselves when reality seems too harsh, tread with footsteps light in realms obscured from sight, awareness of the whole concealed from all, and create fantasies to fill the hole, surrounding minds cowering in the dark, reassuring them that everything will be all right.

*************** Virtual reality In the virtual world, humans reach out to another, initially, strangers each to the other, but with a desire to communicate, breaking the norms that dictate who mixes with who, and breaking barriers of class, race or creed, relying only on what is shared in posts and comments hoping sense is made of their contents to the strangers beginning to become friends, and overcoming conflicts as hope transcends the instinct to reject when disagreements rise and peace is attempted in various replies.

You pointed an arrow towards a future and called it Time, so now you count the seconds, minutes, hours, days, years, decades, centuries, millennia, and blame me for your decay, for entropy is a fact that you can't escape, so imploring me to slow down is droll. Matter was here and so was Space, and, into it, you added Time, for you, not me, all is is', there is no has been, or will be', there can be maybe' or could', or even should', but they're all in your brain, your desires, not mine.

I is, you are, your past is' still, your future not yet', but will be if you have Time on your side, a joke you see.

There was no clue that I had taken a wrong route, and now am paying the price, I've lost my way somehow. How could I have been so blind not to see that danger lay in front of me, glaring but still I kept on walking until, one step too many, and I was sinking, no branch to catch, stop struggling I told myself, but fear makes a body free to panic, contrary to all instructions from my mind, and then, a moment, clear as crystal dawns, I've gone below. I'm in a world so dark, no light can penetrate here. Beneath the storms of the world above, this place is something new, where letting go is demanded, for, now, there's nothing to hold on to, so, in this silent, featureless abode, let go of all that brought you here.

Let go of all you call your own, let go of hopes and dreams impossible to achieve, and when you're light as a feather and free, you'll feel yourself begin to rise, rise up above the ground, into a new world, one where nothing is the same for you, in that small death you were made anew and, now, will walk viewing life with different eyes, different dreams and hopes, and grateful that you took a path so frightening in its effects, but, oh so, beneficial in the end, for the new cannot emerge, unless the old dies, and resurrection comes breaking into the sunlight once more.The indomitable will of Homo Sapiens to believe that nothing is unresolvable, and hold on like super glue to that one on going belief that we can fix everything, one way or another with that illusive something.