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I'd guessed what he was doing, but he'd never let me watch and I was too shy to ask. I just wanted to experience the kinky sex pleasure that girl in the picture felt as she exposed herself to a man like that. I looked over my shoulder at Martin, spread my legs a little more and reached under myself between my legs and fingered my pussy."Does seeing nude women in filthy poses like that turn you on? I'd never exposed myself so provocatively erotically even to my husband.Doing so to a man, especially with the thrill of doing it for a man other than my husband who was turned on seeing naked women in filthy poses was driving me wild! " I said softly, just in case for some strange reason Martin thought this was look but don't touch.Martin reached under me and cupped his hand under my swinging breasts.All I had to look forward to tonight was my husband climbing on top of me for his two minutes of fun - if I was lucky.I thought of the naughty things I'd always wanted to do with my husband but never dared ask, and I felt that familiar tingling between my legs.My naughty adventure began one hot sunny summer afternoon when I looked out of my bedroom window.

Her breasts and even the dark patch of her pubic hair between her legs were quite distinct through my binoculars. As I watched, Martin turned the pages then his hand went down to gently stroke the bulging ridge of his erect penis through his trunks. I'd noticed how Martin looked at me in that way that made it obvious he was mentally undressing me - I so enjoyed that!

While I was nude I looked at myself in the wall mirror.

I was 40 but still attractive, I'd just had my hair styled, my figure was trim from my aerobics, my big breasts were firm, and my pubic hair was in a neat little "landing strip" around my vagina. "Go on, get that big stiff cock I've been admiring out for me!

Now here was a young man half my husband's age with his cock up rock hard for me, who'd just undressed me and was frantically kissing and licking my cunt, and who was turned on by seeing naked women in filthy poses!

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I decided what to do next to work him up to a frenzy.

While he was still squatting in front of me kissing and licking my cunt and ruffling my pubic hair with his tongue I picked up his magazine from where he'd tossed it on my bed and flicked through it.

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