Liquidating assets pros cons

06-Oct-2017 20:35

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This often happens when a company cannot meet its financial obligations.

In the case of those companies who issue bonds, this often occurs when they are unable to make coupon payments or returns on the principal payment.

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distressed debt investing has various potential benefits, but also considerable drawbacks due to the riskiness of this type of investment.

When a receiver is appointed, the company is said to be "in receivership." Receivership is an alternative to filing for bankruptcy and potentially a better option for companies facing difficult financial times.

The receiver takes possession of all corporate assets and associated operational, insurance and tax aspects, and then decides to sell the business or close the company and sell its assets to restructure its debt and improve operations.

Shareholders receive money only if funds remain after payment of all corporate debts.

A receiver notifies creditors of the receivership, and then reviews the corporation’s financial condition and operations to determine issues leading to insolvency.Below, we elucidate briefly some of these potential pros as well as cons of distressed debt investing: The attraction is clearly the enormous gains available on distressed debt investments.

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