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Girls are better organized, they’re more likely to be valedictorians.You say that the growing numbers of women in college have a lot to do with the “college wage premium,” the amount people can boost their earnings by going to college, and that this premium is bigger for women than for men.That’s what makes the college wage premium so much bigger for women, because there are fewer job opportunities to earn a decent wage in blue collar jobs.What are some of the effects of this imbalance on college campuses?A tip for safe and successful internet dating is to immediately block any threatening moves.You need to find the balance between finding love online and protecting yourself.When you trust your date, then you can open up about your real name and location — and start practicing your small talk tips to overcome shyness!Be sure to protect your computer and your personal information by installing and keeping computer security software up-to-date.

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Even though boys and girls score comparably on raw intelligence tests, when it comes to actual school work, girls fare much better.

It typically takes the form of an organized event where a group of men and women rotate between tables and meet each other over a series of three- to eight-minute "dates" during which they converse, ask questions and learn about each other.