Gay dating ad cbs

27-Jun-2017 13:33

As for what she really DID say -- Gayle says she was stuttering after saying she was kidding. Gayle says that's NOT what she said, and if she was she would have said it years ago.

The defendants had a firearm during each home invasion, and they stole the victim’s property, including cars.

Is it really worth spending million to reach 4.5 million viewers in a buy with only 5 percent effectiveness? (Especially when you don't even have the money to buy the damn thing in the first place.) There are lots of much cheaper ways to reach 4.5 million gay men than the Super Bowl. (All this is another way of saying that Mancrunch's "banned" ad is actually a cheap PR stunt and not a real attempt to buy a spot.) Bottom line: Deutsch's argument is not based on "guesstimation." He does actually have a couple of decades experience at running an ad agency (that was famous for being staffed with loads of gays -- no good deed goes unpunished! Just because he's good at math -- and because he happens to be debating a gay man -- doesn't make him a bigot or an asshole.