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So, in order to imbibe and inculcate the good characteristics, I started thinking on a new strategy. I think I will ban my subordinates from saluting me every time we meet.b) IAS gives money – My previous job used to pay me more than what a district collector earns. I don’t feel comfortable with these qualities at all. Power scares me, and I’m sure it can corrupt too.d) Service to people – This attribute is many times confused.I asked myself why people wanted to become IAS officers and asked whether I would fit into any of the following categories.a) IAS gives respect – True. And this explanation might prove to be controversial. A service-oriented person sometimes might not be suitable for this job.I am sorry that I did write a lot about “me” and “my journey” but that was just to mention the lessons that I had learnt.I also would like to mention that I am not “fame-addicted”, as most of my college and school friends didn’t even know that I was preparing for this exam, till a month ago.

So, I wont hesitate to repeat, that the most important attribute of someone who is preparing for the civil services should not be service.

Since, ours is a welfare state, all the policies that the government makes are service-oriented.

That is the only reason why IAS officers are often confused with “Benefit-givers”.

I have been told to make a list of 100 questions on my biodata and background, then make a perfect well-worded answer for each question and by-heart the answer so that I can talk impressively the prepared sentences in the interview when I’m asked the relevant questions. I did not want to put a fake Akand in front of the panel with pre-planned answers and cheat them to get this job. Sometimes, I get sick of it, so I ensure strangers don’t know that I’m an IITian. That is why, I don’t want this job for the respect that it gives. (I did not use a phone for 6 months) So, even this attribute did not appeal to me.c) IAS gives power – Of course. Power to do anything, power to influence anyone, power to make people listen to you.

But, rather I wanted to improve myself internally and I wanted to ‘earn’ the qualities of an ideal personality. I dont care about the ‘lal-batti’ and the infinite ‘salaam-saab’ salutations. Honestly, I was and am a very shy person and I am sure I need special training to even learn how to wield such power.My family thought of sending me to Delhi for interview coaching (Facepalm, they never understand), when I said no, they asked me to take at least mock interviews.