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uses the word "series" when describing it and it's 59 minutes long, obviously the typical length of a series, not a movie.

I'm puzzled why it's listed in On-Demand choices under "movies" not "series" and I've only seen one "episode" of the "series." However, I have seen this episode 3 times and most definitely will watch it again.

Danish psychiatrist Adrian (Nikolaj Lie Kaas) and his assistant Beate (Birgitte Hjort Sørensen) are sent to Sumatra in order to make a mental health evaluation of murder convict Severin, ...

See full summary » Minor league stock car racer Mitch Camponella gets closer to his NASCAR dreams when he's hired as private mechanic to a millionaire importer. See full summary » Erik Nietzsche is an intelligent but in many ways inexperienced shy young man who is convinced that he wants to be a film director.

Her apartment makes The Donald's look like Motel 6. There is only one person who cracks her tough shell, makes her vulnerable, and leaves her unsure, unsteady and broken-hearted: Her daughter. A college professor of French history who only wants to talk during bookings.

I imagine her home/office is 100% cotton-free with silk being the only fabric allowed through the front door. Her ex-husband and estranged daughter live in a typical middle-class suburban home with a small front yard and 2-car garage. An overweight female with zero self-esteem, a well-paying job and a cheerleader fantasy including full uniform and sparkly pom-poms.

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PLEASE NOTE Filthy Gorgeous would never qualify for the next higher rating, but is rated R for the right reason.THE BOSSIsabella Rossellini is perfect as the uber-elegant, fabulously-wardrobed-and-jeweled, insanely-wealthy madam.She "loves" her "kids" as family, as long as they're on time with their bodies and their money.It is not any more explicit than some other series or films on Showtime or HBO, but the theme is identical to the film American Gigolo and contains adults-only language and suggestive behavior.

The nature of this film is, of course, not for everyone and thus neither is this review.Despite the theme, this is a fascinating story of people and relationships that left me wanting more in the form of a series. Filthy Gorgeous is written by Ron Nyswaner, who also wrote the film Philadelphia starring Tom Hanks plus many other films with critical and audience acclaim.