Dating usmc us dog tags

19-Jan-2018 20:06

Civil War camp, school yard, old house site, on the beach , etc.

Please provide a little information about where the item was found.

It is a 9x19mm Glock which looks to be a Gen5-based and compact size pistol.Below are some images from a Glock patent application (US20170198993A1).The most of what we can tell right now are just assumptions based on what is shown in the images. Are there any markings on it that could help identify it, such as makers marks, inscriptions, symbols, numbers, etc? PLEASE say so and provide good close up pictures of them if possible.

Joseph Serpa SAYS: Hello- Yesterday while walking the beach on Wassaw Island near Savannah Georgia I came across this object. I think it's either copper or brass....definitely not magnetic.It gets even more interesting when you learn that the Glock 46 has a different locking mechanism.

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