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Choice of a marriage mate is usually based on the individual's preference.

Thai women have greater power in their spouse selection than do Chinese-Thai women in Thailand.

Lust, however, is deemed more harmful because it violates the Third Precept.

In the Thai society, where people make distinctions between “ideal Buddhism” (i.e., as in the supreme Buddhist philosophy) and “practical Buddhism” (i.e., for the laity, guided by the Five Precepts), it is easy to see why love is socially accepted and lust is not.

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Love marriages rather than arranged marriages and Western-style dating is the norm in urban Thailand.In rural areas the custom of arranged marriages persists but is not as strong as it is some other Asian countries.Arguable the young people most under pressure according to their parents wishes are members of rich and influential families.[Ibid] “Because of the social acceptance of love, various expressions of romance are found in everyday life and art forms.

The English-derived term “romantic” has been widely used in Thai to connote an intimate and private ambience for a couple, often without a sexual undertone, such as “romantic” restaurant, music, or sentiment.

Marriages have traditionally been regarded as unions of families.