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Confused on what to do he will bottle up his feelings.

The feelings fester to the point that he can no longer hold them in and the possibility of calling her begins to seem like a great option.

Many love-shy singles wrongly get tabbed as being “stuck up” or weird, when in fact they are simply lacking in self-confidence and uncertain how to communicate their feelings. Was there anything that happened in your childhood that made you withdraw? Knowing how to have good conversation starter skills can help a love-shy person break the ice.

Many feel a love-shy single’s self-consciousness over finding a date stems from being afraid of rejection, which sadly is one of the fears that keep women and men single. Talking about these experiences with a qualified Christian counselor and/or understanding pastor can foster healing. Enjoy Mixed Company A low pressure way for a shy person to meet other single men and women is by joining clubs where people have a shared common interest, such as sporting activities, reading clubs, christian singles groups, etc.

A man on the other hand is less likely to express his feelings to his male friends due to his pride and society pushing men to believe that being emotional is not a masculine trait.

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This allows her to get the feelings off her chest which helps with the recovery process.Memories of their history together are all around him.The saying “You don’t know what you’ve lost until it’s gone”, has never felt truer.He tries to play it cool as if he really wants to converse about life, but she knows the underlying truth. After a breakup, a man feels that it’s great to be single, that the world is his oyster of women.

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The word must be out he is single now; the women will all flock to him now, drowning him in a sea of sex.

Causing cracks in his armor and leaking out his desire to get back together with her.