Camera gun japan

30-Oct-2017 21:48

Unlike the standard Navy Type 99 and Army Type 100 models, the GSK-99 had interchangeable roll holder backs for 120 film.The camera has a wind up mechanism that triggered both film advance and cocked the shutter, allowing for rapid shooting of up to six images.The camera has a folding frame finder at the top, and wooden handles on both sides of the body.

Various Japanese companies manufactured aerial cameras. Most were made for the Japanese military forces before and during World War II.The examples found today normally have a Hexar Ser.1 25cm f/4.5 (same as mounted on the Nedinsco type), sometimes with abbreviated markings Hexar.1 4.5 25.Surviving examples have been observed in two main variants.The Handheld Aerial Camera 25cm F-8 type (手持式航空写真機25cm F-8型) was made for the Japanese Navy by Rokuoh-sha, later Konishiroku. There is a folding frame finder at the top, of which variations are known.

If we accept the 1924 or 1925 release date given by some Japanese sources (see above), the early examples made until the early 1930s certainly had an imported German lens.The first variant has a large black identification plate, with the camera's official name in Japanese characters (手持手持式航空寫眞機25cm F-8型), a serial number, the year and month of manufacture, and the words Tokyo (東京) and Rokuoh-sha (六櫻社).

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