Big bang theory dating secrets

20-Dec-2017 04:50

This is interpreted to be caused by an expanding universe.In the early 1990s, eminent astronomer Halton Arp discovered a thick trail of glowing gas linking a galaxy named NGC 4319 to a nearby quasar.Particles that interact strongly with the Higgs field have more mass, and vice versa.The Higgs boson, in turn, can be thought of as the smallest possible ripple in the Higgs field.Based on new research, however, they may have trouble continuing to disregard the contradictions.

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In modern physics, however, the reality is more complicated.He found more problems presented by quasars to the standard cosmological model.For example, identical rhythmic light signatures were observed among two quasars, one with redshift showing it as 6 billion light years away, and another showing a 10 billion light year "distance." Even though the distant quasars were more strongly redshifted than the closer quasars, there was no difference in the time it took the light to reach Earth.This quasar conundrum doesn't seem to have an obvious explanation.

If redshift is not a reliable indicator of quasar distances, then how reliable is it for other objects?

There are even more glaring observations that do not "seem to have an obvious explanation" in the current cosmological context.