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And underneath everything, there's always the theme of friendship and teamwork, of working to reach your dreams and helping those closest to you achieve theirs, of growing and maturing as a person and discovering the power within yourself to overcome obstacles of any sort, of just BEING THERE for the rest of your crew when they need you - of being NAKAMA. And perhaps I'm just biased, being an obviously OBSESSED fan at this point, haha, but what can I say? Because you're missing out on one hell of a fantastic show if you don't at least give it a try.It's been running for 344 episodes so far and not ONCE have I wondered or hoped that it would start to reach an end. One Piece is by far the best shounen anime out there that I have watched.Much more "cartoonish" and maybe not what you'd expect from an anime. I wouldn't even say that you have to "get used to it" because it's not something that detracts from the rest of the series in any way.

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No detail is left untouched, and you'll seriously be amazed by the way Oda threads together plots and characters and blends all their stories perfectly the more the series progresses.

FUNimation has done a much better job so far from what I've seen, but regardless, watching it in its original Japanese form with subtitles is really the way to go.

(26) Les visions de l’orage se confondent avec le spectacle de la guerre : Mais les contemplateurs placés au seuil du monde, lavés des passions des partis, délivrés des notions acquises, des aveuglements, de l’emprise des traditions, éprouvent vaguement la simplicité des choses et les possibilités béantes Celui qui est au bout de la rangée s’écrie : Voilà que dans les lueurs sinistres de l’orage, au-dessous des nuages noirs échevelés, étirés et déployés sur la terre comme de mauvais anges, il leur semble voir s’étendre une grande plaine livide.… continue reading »

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